Eagle Eye and Buyapowa announce multi-channel referral marketing partnership


Eagle Eye, a leading SaaS technology company that validates and redeems digital promotions in real-time and Buyapowa, the referral marketing software platform, have forged a new partnership to help retailers drive traffic instore through social media referrals online and on mobile.

Combining Eagle Eye’s ability to issue, validate and redeem digital promotions in real time together with Buyapowa’s unique Invite-a-Friend software, the new partnership will enable brands and retailers to reward their customers for social media referrals that lead to in-store transactions.

The UK restaurant chain Zizzi will be the first brand to take advantage of the new joint offering in early 2016. By embedding the Buyapowa invite-a-friend platform directly into its website, Zizzi will enable its customers to invite friends and family to benefit from special offers to dine at any of its 140 restaurants across the UK. Customers will be able to refer friends directly from the restaurateur’s website using using email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS or other digital channels.

Each customer who shares the offers will have a unique customer reference that will be included in a unique one-time coupon or QR code provided by Eagle Eye to the referred customer. This coupon or QR code will be scanned by the restaurant at the till and will be validated and redeemed through the Eagle Eye Air platform via their POS integration. Eagle Eye will report this sales information back to the Buyapowa platform, which will then determine a customer’s eligibility for referral based rewards.

Phil Blundell, CEO at Eagle Eye said: “By combining two best of breed innovative technologies, we are now able to harness the power of social referrals to drive instore purchases.

“Eagle Eye’s SaaS platform, Eagle Eye AIR already allows retailers to drive customer loyalty, in-store spend and revenue via digital promotions and rewards and track redemption in real time. But now together with Buyapowa we are able to tap into the potential of sharing online to drive even more traffic instore.

“This is a major advance for the realisation of multi-channel shopping, not just for restaurant chains like Zizzi but, given we can easily integrate with multiple EPOS systems, this can work with any business that has physical stores and a website.”

Gideon Lask, founder and CEO of Buyapowa, said: “Because we spend so much time online, and 80% of that time outside of work is spent being ‘social’, brands and retailers should really be harnessing social to drive potential customers instore. Particularly as we now all have the means and technology literally ‘in our hands 24 hours a day’ to spread positive Word of Mouth faster and wider than ever before.

“I am really excited by potential of Eagle Eye and Buyapowa’s technology combined; not only do we bring together the cumulative experience of having worked with over 250 of the world’s leading brands and retailers, but we are obsessed with delivering real value for multi-channel retailers.

“Until now, ‘social to instore’ tracking has been halted by the inability of existing technologies to match sharing online with in-store outcomes. Now this solution means that grocers, retailers and hospitality businesses no longer need to rely on proxies like newsletter sign ups or voucher issuance but can incentivise and reward customers for sharing acts that lead to actual consumption instore. This is great news for any business that wants to drive footfall into physical locations.”