Aldi launches its first non-alcoholic spirit


The ultimate guilt-free remedy of tipples has arrived as Aldi launches its first ever Non-Alcoholic Spirit, available in stores and online from 7 May. Retailing for just £9.99, the brand-new beverage costs £16.00 less than Seedlip’s Spice 94 Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit.

Aldi’s Kvist Rosa Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit hits the shelves on 7 May  to accompany the significant rise of interest in health amongst consumers. Kvist Rosa is perfect for shoppers searching for a drink which ticks every box, as the non-alcoholic spirit is not only vegan but also sugar free and low in calories.

Handcrafted with a complex blend, the alcohol-free spirit is inspired by the Nordic traditions of copper pot distilled with silver birch and other fresh foraged botanicals. The prevailing flavours include juniper and orange peel, balanced with forest notes and infused with herbs and spiced bitters. With its pretty pink shade and botanic design, this delicious vegan bottle is sure to suit any Instagram feed, the retailer claims.

For those looking to refresh their taste buds, the Kvist Rosa works beautifully when served with a Mediterranean tonic, citrus rind and a sprig of red currants over ice, to enhance and boost the invigorating flavours of this non-alcoholic spirit.

Aldi’s Kvist Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit priced at £9.99 is available online and in stores nationwide from Thursday 7 May.