Astound Commerce rolls out new e-commerce platform for Space NK


Astound Commerce, the global e-commerce provider, has announced the launch of a completely redesigned e-commerce platform for Space NK, the leading luxury beauty boutique. The roll out has had an immediate effect, improving the user experience by reducing loading times for the Space NK website by 50% and increasing conversion rates across the board.

The entire project was delivered in just three months – the quickest site migration of its kind. Shortly after completion of the project Space NK held a targeted marketing promotion. Within a single hour period, conversion rates peaked at a staggering 16.2%.

The redesigned website is fully responsive. It was created to enhance Space NK’s omni-channel efforts and introduce an online experience for its customers that meets the expectations they already have for the brand in store. Space NK developed the new website design internally, which was then introduced with the help of its implementation partner Astound.

Part of the project involved Astound migrating Space NK onto the Demandware Site Genesis 2.0 platform, giving the brand more flexibility for rolling out future updates and enhancements. The combination of a Demandware migration and website redesign has also given Space NK access to new e-commerce functionality to further improve the overall experience for its customer base and increase personalisation, including enhanced search functionality, active data sets, and geo targeting.

“The new website is an important step for the next stage of international business growth. It also underpins the foundation for Space NK to continue being a leading omni-channel retail brand, giving our customers the ability to shop anywhere, at any time, and on any device,” said Jez Wilson, head of e-commerce development at Space NK. “The development project with Astound was quick and efficient – the redesigned site was rolled out in just three months and there was zero downtime during the handover.”

Terry Hunter, UK managing director at Astound Commerce, said: “It has been a pleasure working with the Space NK team to deliver an innovative new website that takes advantage of the latest ecommerce technology and enhances the customer experience. We are very proud of the result, especially when you consider the tight development timeframes, and look forward to working closely with Space NK in the future to help continue driving growth.”

Space NK’s UK website ships internationally. It now benefits from a greatly simplified online development environment that makes it possible to introduce frequent changes and updates far easier than ever before, thereby allowing Space NK to continue improving the user experience and remain at the forefront of e-commerce delivery.