BACARDI Coconut launches in UK


BACARDÍ, the world’s most awarded rum, has announced the launch of BACARDÍ Coconut, a white rum infused with coconut flavours that aims to transport rum fans to a tropical paradise on first sip.

Arriving just in time for summer, the spirit’s intense yet distinctive taste of fresh coconut carries a rich aroma that is synonymous with the classic island vibe of BACARDÍ. BACARDÍ Coconut is best enjoyed with a tropical mixer like pineapple juice or used in a cocktail such as Piña Colada, one of the Top 3 most popular drank-at-home cocktails that has been reinterpreted by top bars year after year.

The introduction of BACARDÍ Coconut to the market, following the launch of BACARDÍ Spiced earlier this year and BACARDÍ Ginger in 2018, comes as the global demand for flavoured rums continues to rise.

“Sales in the rum category are an all-time high, having surpassed the £1 billion mark in last year, and this has been largely led by the flavoured rum segment” says Tine Van Nevel, brand director – Europe, for BACARDIì Rum. “The response to our previous flavoured rums has been overwhelmingly positive and we are certain that BACARDÍ Coconut will be a welcome addition to the ever-growing Carta portfolio.”

BACARDÍ Coconut has been crafted by the Maestros de Ron, who shape and craft all the products in the BACARDÍ portfolio using their sense of sight, taste and smell, to ensure the quality of the spirit meets BACARDÍ standards. The brand’s Maestros de Ron are carefully chosen and trained under the stewardship of seven generations of rum-making expertise.

As one of the oldest and most respected rum brands in the world, BACARDÍ has more than 157 years of history and heritage. For the family-owned brand, rum is more than about business, it’s personal, with a family name proudly displayed on every bottle. This is exemplified through generations of expert craftsmanship and authenticity.

BACARDÍ Coconut 70cl is available exclusively at Asda from 20 June at RRP £16.