Bagboard, a new alternative to the single use plastic bag for independent retailers in Central London


Bagboard, a new advertising platform bridging the worlds of digital and OOH all whilst engaging consumers with an opportunity to make a positive environmental impact, will launch late July 2019 in Central London.

With the Bagboard model, premium, heavyweight, water-resistant and eco-friendly paper bags featuring advertising creative are distributed to independent retailers, of which there are currently 2,000 committed within Central London. The bags, free to both retailers and consumers, negate the need for a single-use plastic bag, which until now, many of the approximately 4,600 independent retailers in Central London have been turning to for reasons of strength, durability, cost and availability.

Upon receiving a bag, consumers are incentivised to download Bagboard’s app, and hover over an advertisement on the bag. Each time consumers interact with the brand on the bag through the app, the equivalent (550g) of 100 plastic bags will be removed and recycled from the environment on behalf of that consumer, encouraging repeat use, with an initial goal set by Bagboard of 1 billion bags removed (as of press time, the company is at 101,400 bags removed, prior to any official launch). The removal of plastic from the environment is in partnership between Bagboard and The Plastic Bank, an organization designed to remove plastic waste from the world’s oceans, beaches and waterways while empowering people living in poverty to raise their standard of living.

For every bag interaction, consumers also earn points which can be accumulated as part of a new sustainability focused loyalty scheme the brand will launch later this year which will further incentivize consumers to engage with brand creative.

“We see this as a much-needed opportunity to create consciousness on both sides of the marketing funnel,’ says Benjamin Ayres, founder of Bagboard. ‘We know that over 75% of consumers are more likely to engage with advertising if it leads to social good. Bagboard gives brands a direct opportunity to put social change into the hands of their consumers.’

Trial campaigns with Laundrapp, Hello Fresh, Footy Addicts and Fetch (Ocado), resulted in customer acquisition results that were double, and even triple that of traditional advertising platforms from print ads to billboards to transit, at a fraction of the cost.

  • 8% average engagement rate by bag carriers
  • 2,000 independent Central London distribution points
  • Variety of partnered stores, signed to 5 years exclusivity
  • Logistics powered by RFID technology for fulfilment guarantees
  • Capable of 186 million impressions per fortnight
  • X6.5 frequency
  • Engagement by brands with consumers via the latest AR technology
  • Bag journeys reach intimate environments untapped by advertising