Bar-Be-Quick refreshes pack designs and launches compact lighting bag for 2015

Fresh look barbecue lines

Fresh look barbecue lines

Bar-Be-Quick – the original instant barbecue manufacturer – is launching refreshed pack designs for its range of barbecue lighting products, alongside a new convenient and compact instant lighting bag for 2015.

The range has undergone a design overhaul to modernise the brand’s appearance and to further solidify its presence as one of the category’s market leaders.

Bar-Be-Quick’s in-house design team, which is based at the company’s main head office, has created the new packaging designs to update the range. The packs are categorised by five vibrant colours: purple for charcoal lumpwood, orange for charcoal briquettes, lime green for instant lighting charcoal products, yellow for Instant and party disposable barbecues and red for mixed fire lighting paraphernalia and barbecue accessories.

Lines from Bar-Be-Quick’s newly redesigned range include: instant barbecues, instant light lumpwood charcoal, charcoal briquettes and lumpwood, fire lighters, lighting gel, citronella oil, beech wood smoking chips and long lite fire igniters.

The latest product innovation – Bar-Be-Quick’s Grab ‘n’ Grill bag (500g) RRP £2 – which will be added to the 2015 range, allows consumers to purchase a convenient, single-use product that can be easily stored for impulse barbecuing activities. The bag can also be lit directly without any additional preparation, saving time and eradicating any packaging waste.

Caroline Morris, national account manager at Bar-Be-Quick, said: “Bar-Be-Quick is committed to providing its retail customers with the highest quality in both product and design.  We believe that it’s imperative to update our ranges to not only to sit within the modern day retail space, but to attract the attention of consumers who are often exposed to over saturated shelves.

“The new packaging also allows retailers to stock a more visually-appealing and up-to-date range. The designs have been carefully created to increase the SKUs’ on-shelf appeal, encouraging increased sales for our retail customers.”

On the new SKU, Morris said: “The Grab ‘n’ Grill bag was borne from consumer demand. Over the past 12 months we’ve been inundated with requests from our retail customers and end-users to create a more compact version of our popular lumpwood instant lighting range. We’ve developed the Grab ‘n’ Grill bag to be more easily transportable for outdoor activities, such as camping trips and festivals.

“The Grab ‘n’ Grill bag offers retailers with limited shelf space the chance to tap into the profitable barbecue market and is ideal for early season sales where full shelf space may not be available. The compact size of the item also allows retailers to merchandise the range at till points to generate profitable impulse purchases.”