Bensons juice to roll out to all restaurants at National Trust properties in UK

Bensons: rolling out to all National Trust restaurants

Bensons: rolling out to all National Trust restaurants

Bensons, the Sherborne, Gloucestershire, fruit juice supplier has won a contract to supply all of the restaurants at the National Trust’s 180 properties in the UK.

For the past eight years Bensons have been a tenant on National Trust property and has been supplying 60-80 National Trust restaurants.

The extension to 230 restaurants follows the appointment of National Trust hospitality director, Harry Heeley, and launch of a project to involve the Trust’s tenants.

The move will see 240,000 bottles of Bensons juice coming off their production line for the National Trust alone.

Heeley said: “The Trust is one of the UK’s biggest landowners and we have lots of fantastic tenants producing delicious food and drink. We’re at the start of a journey using this produce in an exciting way in our restaurants and Jeremy [Benson] is our first tenant to work with us on a national basis. He produces terrific product using wonderful British apples.

“We are really interested in making sure we get the best produce and will try to get our tenants’ food in their local NT properties or wider afield. It is all about meeting the right standards and it’s got to be economically viable for both parties.”

Bensons will be supplying its apple juice, apple and rhubarb, apple and elderflower and apple and raspberry, with each bottle carrying the National Trust logo.

Jeremy Benson, Bensons’ managing director, said:  “It has been great working with Harry who is keen to develop a core range of food and drink produced by local suppliers. None of their other tenants are producing good quality fruit juice on a large scale so Bensons became an obvious choice. This is very exciting for us and a great validation of what we do. It is a privilege to be working with a charity with one of the largest memberships in the world.”