Bioglan Superfoods launches rebrand on packs


Supercharged superfoods brand, Bioglan Superfoods has been hard at work, harvesting the world’s finest quality ingredients, to make better tasting healthy products helping consumers to make small changes towards a healthier you.

With the launch of new look packs, that stand out on shelf and a new competitive price format, Bioglan Superfoods are paving the way to ensure that superfoods and essential vitamins and minerals are accessible to all.

The popular powders range will see the Supergreens, Superberries, Green Boost and Cacao Boost, rolled out in 70g packs at £9.99 and the Flax + Chia and Organic Cacao at £4,99 for 100g, Each pack will feature clear instructions on the quantity needed and usage on front of packs, making it easier for consumers to understand and consume.

The current capsules range has also been given a new look makeover, with stand out, eye catching colours to appeal to consumers looking to take a daily vitamin and mineral dose.

Lauren McPherson, brand manager for Bioglan Superfoods, says: “We are delighted to have developed new look packaging, which we feel will resonate with our audience and also entice new customers to trial Bioglan Superfoods. Our new look packs will also clearly show usage on the front.”

The new look packs comes after the Pharmacare brand undertook various consumer focused research to understand what would appeal to consumers, in terms of look, price and taste.

The full range can be found at  along with a whole host of recipe ideas.

Range available online and in store at Holland & Barrett, Boots and in Tesco.