Birds Eye and Molson Coors incentivise Premier retailers with epoints


Birds Eye and Molson Coors are among several major brands that have joined forces with epoints, the universal reward scheme, to incentivise over 3,000 Premier retailers throughout the UK. The brands will use the scheme to reward retailers for meeting set criteria, such as stocking the core range or meeting brand compliance.

Retailers will be rewarded with the epoints currency, which can be spent on a choice of millions of products and experiences. The number of epoints that each retailer is rewarded with will be determined during store visits from epoints representatives who will check a retailer’s stock against the reward criteria set by brands.

Mark Biscoe, commercial director at epoints, said: “epoints is unlike any other brand loyalty and rewards scheme. It enables brands to take a syndicated approach, offering retailers an attractive scheme where they can quickly accumulate reward value across brands. With increased engagement from the retailers, brands can positively influence the channel, recognising everything from sales and compliance to stocking the core range.”

Sean Cox, senior customer business manager at Birds Eye Iglo, said:  “By enabling us to deliver a simple and attractive rewards scheme, epoints will help us take advantage of the vast opportunities in the convenience sector. It will allow retailers to quickly accrue points, ensuring there is a quick turnaround when it comes to getting their rewards. We are delighted to be working in partnership with epoints and look forward to seeing an increase in our distribution at participating stores as a direct result.

Premier retailer Mandeep Singh said: “epoints works because there’s no card, it’s on my phone and it spans lots of brands meaning I get a lot of value. It’s about time brands saw sense and started rewarding retailers the same way. I’ve lost track of the various schemes brands have signed me up for which need cards and passwords which I end up losing.”