Brand design agency, Boxer, launches website to showcase ‘cultural design’ expertise



Boxer, a UK (Birmingham) and US (Chicago) based brand design agency, has launched a new website, which features a taste of its ‘cultural design’ expertise, gathered in response to the design challenges of its clients in a global brand marketplace.

Boxer said its approach is to help brands communicate with a “global voice, local accent” and this expertise is captured in this taster, looking at some fascinating examples of the cultural significance of colour, which should help brands to avoid some of the more common design pitfalls.

Paul Castledine, the Boxer chief creative officer, provides an example: “Colour is a powerful brand tool, yet a potentially controversial one – in some countries, for example, green can be a signifier of new life, or infidelity, or wealth, or of corruption and drugs depending upon the territory in question. Other colours, as well as animals, gestures and even body parts, graphically depicted, can have strongly opposite meanings for different people.”

Mark Watson, Boxer’s managing partner, said: “Communicating with many cultures and creeds, global brands are increasingly walking the tightrope of maintaining a single brand proposition and execution, whilst ensuring local cultural relevance and appeal – all while importantly, avoiding any cultural missteps and unintended offences.”