British consumers want personalised shopping experiences online, AgilOne reports


More than three quarters of British shoppers expect a personalised experience online, according to retail marketing platform, AgilOne.

The research, commissioned by AgilOne and conducted by retail analysts Conlumino, found more than half of the consumers surveyed want brands or retailers to send an offer via email for a product they’ve viewed online. Thrifty shoppers also look for further discounts, with a third expecting a welcome offer in the form of a discount, as well as a special offer for abandoned items in a shopping basket.

Omer Artun, Founder and CEO of AgilOne, said: “These results show just how much power the shopper has in the UK. The huge amount of choice and availability online has resulted in consumers expecting brands or retailers to chase after them, even after they’ve abandoned a basket or left a website.

“It’s essential then that retailers truly understand their customers. It could be financially damaging to merchants if they offered a discount to every customer that visited their website. By using data, retailers are able to spot trends and gain insight into individual shopping behaviour to ensure discounts are not being offered to customers that are likely to purchase goods at full price anyway.”

UK consumers also expect loyalty from retailers. More than half expect them to remember past purchases, two in five shoppers want companies to know how long they’ve been a customer and around a third expect their favourite products to be remembered.

The research also found that shoppers weren’t keen on more personal information being used by retailers. More than four in five people don’t expect their size or birthday information held and only one in 20 people wanted merchants to know which emails from them they’ve read.

AgilOne is a cloud-based predictive marketing platform, used by a number of brands and retailers including Shazam, Liberty, HarperCollins and The Body Shop.