Brompton Folding Bikes to be sold in Halfords stores


Brompton bikes and accessories are available for the first time to order and collect in 125 Halfords stores:

The core range will have its own branded display at 49 Halfords shops, establishing a firm presence across the retailer’s UK estate, with an extended range available from The partnership means that customers will be able to physically test the bikes while in store and will be supported by Halfords colleagues who have been specially trained by the team from Brompton. The 49 shops will also have access to a further five Brompton models through click-and-collect, while Halfords is also offering the option to order and collect in a further 76 stores.

The range includes the new Brompton B75 folding bike, the most affordable model yet, priced at £745, as well as the M3L and M6L, priced from £1,010 and £1,080 respectively.

Model name and priceProduct description
Brompton B75 Folding Bike, £745 The B75 features a Classic M Type handlebar which offers a comfortable ride positionpaired with a robust three-speed hub gear. Made with a durable steel frame and finished in a water blue colour, which is both eye catching and stylish. 
Brompton M3L Folding Bike, from £1,010 The M3L model features three-speed gearing and an M Type handlebar, perfect for an upright riding position.
Brompton M6L Folding Bike, from £1,080 The most popular Brompton model is identical to the M3L above, only with three more gears suited to longer rides and challenging inclines.

London-based Brompton Bicycle want to change the way people live in cities; despite a significant uptake of cycling in our urban areas, cycling accounts for only 2% of all journeys made in London (modal share), compared with 37% in Copenhagen.

Brompton bikes are the perfect travelling companion and can be taken anywhere, whether you’re hopping on the tube or bus or taking with you for a weekend adventure in your car or caravan.

The partnership will also make Brompton bikes more accessible to employees of British businesses through the government tax free cycling schemes.

Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton Bicycle, said: “We want to change the way people live in cities and we are making progress with close to 500,000 Bromptons being ridden across the world, but there is more we can do. We are teaming up with Halfords to help us reach a wider audience, to engage and inspire them to get back on a bike and remember the delight and freedom of cycling. The Halfords Group have the scale and ambition, with our support, to mobilise modal shift; to encourage people out from under the ground, out from their cars and back on to a bike to rediscover their city.”

Graham Stapleton, CEO of Halfords Group, said: “Partnering with an iconic British brand like Brompton seems a natural fit, given we share many of the same ambitions and values.  More people are taking up cycling in cities, but we know more can, and should be done if we are to reap the benefits that cycling can unlock. Using our scale and ambition we can help Brompton’s mission of changing the way people live in cities, break down those barriers and encourage more commuters to get pedalling.”