Bud & Bitcoin: Sativa Store in Estonia adopts FastBitcoins tech


Today, Fastbitcoins.com, a service that allows everyday people to easily and safely buy bitcoins in physical outlets using cash, welcomes Sativa Store, an Estonian independent coffee shop and retailer of CBD cannabis products, as a partner. Sativa Store has introduced FastBitcoins point-of-sale terminals in two of its locations (Tallinn Old Town and Telliskivi Creative City), which will allow it to meet customer demands for a quick, secure and convenient way to buy Bitcoin and spend it on items in-store. Sativa Store becomes the first retailer in Estonia to implement the FastBitcoins terminals. 

FastBitcoins continues to rapidly build partnerships with merchants globally, empowering them with a way to sell and facilitate Bitcoin transactions. Most recently, the business announced its partnership with Welsh retailer, Maxx Group. The business offers merchants a number of ways to generate revenues from Bitcoin offerings. These include the Point-of-Sale terminal that lets merchants print redeemable prepaid Bitcoin vouchers and take Bitcoin payments as well as physical Bitcoin gift vouchers.

Talking of the partnership, Minna-Maria Amjärv, the owner of Sativa Store, said: “We are Bitcoin enthusiasts and a growing number of our customers are too. FastBitcoins’ have given us a really easy and cool way for us to meet our customers demands to buy it whilst allowing us to make money from selling it. Additionally, we have also gained a way to bring in a completely new type of customer interested in Bitcoin that would not usually visit our shops. As a small business, opportunities like this can play a really important part in our success by allowing us to differentiate from other shops. With demand and awareness of Bitcoin on the rise I think this partnership is a no brainer.”

Speaking of the partnership and global growth, Danny Brewster, managing director of FastBitcoins, said: “There is no better sign that mainstream Bitcoin demand is growing globally than witnessing it first hand through our business. Estonia is a progressive and cooperative country in regards to Bitcoin and companies like Sativa Store are well placed to achieve business success by being ahead of the curve. We look forward to helping them grow and succeed.” 

FastBitcoins is growing fast, and is now working with merchants around the world to enable them to sell and accept bitcoin. If you are a merchant interested in offering FastBitcoins services, or a customer wanting to know more about what Bitcoin is, how to buy it and how to use it, please visit: fastbitcoins.com