Burger King puts jelly and ice cream on nostalgic, limited edition summer menu


Childhood favourites feature in Burger King summer menu

Childhood favourites feature in Burger King summer menu

Burger King UK is launching a new summer menu featuring classics inspired by fond childhood memories of British summers, including a Fish Finger Sandwich for grown-ups, Angus XT Ploughman’s and traditional Jelly and Ice Cream.

The new limited edition menu will be available in Burger King restaurants nationwide for a 12-week period to coincide with Britain’s biggest summer of sport. The menu will be rolled out in two phases, the first from 11 June 2012 and the second six weeks later from 30 July 2012, when the campaign will be supported by an integrated campaign.

The new menu items are claimed to be packed full of delicious ingredients, the majority of which are sourced in the UK. They include:

Fish Finger Sandwich (phase 2) – for the first time in the QSR industry fish fingers are offered to adults, claims Burger KIng. This snack comprises three fish fingers made from 100% MSC approved Alaskan Pollack in breadcrumbs and served between two slices of toasted milk loaf, with optional ketchup or HP sauce

Angus XT Ploughman (phase 2) – a thicker, flame-grilled 100% Aberdeen Angus beef burger, topped with melted slices of Irish cheddar and Red Leicester cheese. This burger is served in a British baked, toasted glazed bun, with slices of onion and tomato, iceberg lettuce, and finished off with a sweet pickle style relish.

Jelly & Ice Cream (phase 1 & 2) – a strawberry flavoured wobbly jelly, served with 100% dairy ice-cream

Jo Blundell, Burger King marketing director UK and Ireland, said: “Our new ‘Summer is Served’ menu has been lovingly created to mark this year’s exciting British summer, and to celebrate everything we love about Great Britain. We’ve ensured only high quality, premium and, where feasible, local ingredients are used, to produce a menu we hope the whole nation will love.”