Business owners would take law into own hands to protect assets


Two thirds of business owners (65%) would consider taking the law into their own hands to protect their company, according to a report commissioned by CCTV and surveillance vendor Storage Options.

The study, conducted two weeks prior to the UK riots, also found almost half of the business owners questioned (47%) were either confident or very confident in the police to do their jobs, even after the Government cutbacks. 

However, more than a quarter (26%) did think their businesses were at more risk of crime, as a result.

Paul Evison, marketing manager for Storage Options, said: “This research was commissioned in the first week of August before the terrible events we saw spreading across the country and I think it shows how small business owners were feeling about their overall security. 

“Although most people said they would consider protecting their companies many felt the police were still doing a great job. I think it would be interesting to see how this research would compare with research performed today. We have seen CCTV sales grow rapidly over the last couple of years and this research found 67% of companies already have some kind of CCTV system in their business as a deterrent, it certainly shows we are a security conscious nation.”

The research also revealed a third of business owners (33%) felt their businesses would be more secure with a private security guard but one in 10 admitted they didn’t trust security guards.

Evison said: “It seems as a nation we want to feel properly protected but don’t trust others to do it for us. I imagine most businesses across the country have now reviewed their own security carefully to ensure they aren’t at risk.”

The research also found almost half of all the business owners questioned (44%) had been the victims of crime before, with more than a third (34%) stating it had been on more than four separate occasions.