Campaign urges retailers to review video surveillance kit in run up to Olympics


The UK’s first National CCTV Improvement Week (6-12 May 2012) is being launched in a bid to raise the operational effectiveness of systems in the run up to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London Olympics 2012.

According to organisers, the need for ensuring maximum effectiveness of the UK’s existing security infrastructure, has never been greater. 

In this period of heightened security concerns, given the vital role Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) can play in helping to maintain a safe and secure environment, the campaign aims to encourage a broad range of CCTV operators to evaluate their video surveillance systems; and identify where improvements could be made to boost performance, increase operational effectiveness, and address any privacy concerns.

During National CCTV Improvement Week (NCIW) 2012 any organisation using CCTV to enhance their security and public safety will be able to audit, check and review the performance of their security cameras to identify any technical or operational issues that may compromise or devalue their use.

Similarly, users will also be encouraged to evaluate their monitoring, recording and transmission systems to determine their overall suitability and effectiveness for purpose.

Depending on the type of security camera system being used, operators will be urged to carry out a general review of their existing video surveillance infrastructure at any one of three levels:

•  A basic CCTV operator’s health check based on the “CCTV Users 10 Point Plan”

•  A more detailed operator evaluation, using various NCIW 2012 documents designed to help gauge their existing CCTV system’s effectiveness

•  An independent assessment by a suitably experienced individual or practice

The concept of encouraging CCTV users to review their current setup and carry out any necessary improvements, will  help to raise standards in operational efficiency, overall image quality, data compliance and privacy concerns, claim organisers.