Checkpoint launches new verison of UNO RF/RFID label for improved performance and sustainability

Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in source-to-shopper solutions, has launched a new version of its unique UNO RF/RFID label that will enhance supply chain visibility and loss prevention.

Launching at NRF 2020, the patented and fully-integrated UNO RF/RFID label features all-new RFID chip options, including the recently launched Impinj M750 chip.

The new label simultaneously offers retailers the benefits of EAS protection at the store exit and RFID inventory management, when paired with the appropriate hardware and software. This provides apparel retailers with dual-purpose technology, meaning only one label is required, helping to further decrease labor costs and process time.

By combining RF and RFID technologies, Checkpoint is also helping to mitigate body shielding and shadowing, which can affect the individual technologies.

Impinj M750 RAIN RFID tag chips:

As one of the smallest chips of its kind on the market, the Impinj M750 chip is 40% smaller than previous versions, allowing Checkpoint to reduce material usage by 18%. The new inlays built on the Impinj M750 chip utilize the highest receive sensitivity (-24 dBm) of any RAIN tag integrated circuit (IC) and optimize performance across a range of materials and operating frequencies.

Ivan Gosling, product manager RF Consumables, Checkpoint Systems, said: “We are constantly striving to improve our label designs and deliver maximum performance capabilities for retailers. Significant investment in our R&D facilities, testing laboratories and manufacturing facilities has resulted in the evolution of the UNO label to deliver one integrated solution that improves loss prevention and inventory management. Our expertise in label design has helped us to create a compact, yet high performing dual label optimized to work with the newest RFID chips.”

The new UNO RF/RFID single label is available immediately.