Checkpoint Systems enhances Check-Net print shops with new printing capabilities


Checkpoint Systems, a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced that its Check-Net print shops have implemented new printing capabilities that allow them to quickly print, encode and test RFID labels for apparel retailers and manufacturers employing its source tagging capabilities.

Check-Net’s new system is claimed to be eight times faster than industry-standard thermal transfer printers and offers higher accuracy (99.9%) and quality, including multi-colour RFID label printing. This makes Checkpoint’s source tagging programme ideal for apparel retailers with global operations that require a large numbers of labels for their stores around the world. In fact, Check-Net can now print and encode one million RFID labels in 24 hours.

Check-Net increases operational efficiency by delivering unprecedented value to retailers in handling source tagging initiatives, Checkpoint claims. From managing Hard Tag @ Source programmes to replenishing stock items such as self-adhesive radio frequency (RF) labels on rolls and woven or printed apparel labeling solutions, the service facilitates the complete ordering process and ensures the right products are delivered at the right time.

Along with the new printing systems, Check-Net offers new processes and quality controls, including individual re-serialisation for EPC codes. EPC testers are attached to printers, and Checkpoint follows strict manufacturing processes to ensure that the RFID labels that are not used are destroyed. In addition, Checkpoint uses anti static solution packing to avoid RFID chips being damaged.

James Wrigley, president and chief operating officer, apparel labeling solutions, Checkpoint, said: “Apparel retailers are in a highly competitive environment and must have access to the right products at the right time in order to deliver shelf-ready merchandise to stores as quickly as possible. Check-Net helps make this daunting task simple and efficient, while maintaining high quality”.

In addition to the enhanced printing, coding and testing capabilities, Check-Net has also improved the usability of its online ordering system, enabling retailers and manufacturers to order tickets in only four clicks. Other enhancements include live ticket previews and full order and data visibility, including orders and invoices for all brands for each store around the world.

The new printing systems are already deployed at several of Checkpoint’s 19 global @source locations and are being rolled out to print shops in Asia, Europe and North America.