Checkpoint Systems RFID technology chosen for Diesel’s digital revolution


Checkpoint Systems, Inc., the world’s leading provider of RFID solutions and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) for the retail industry, has announced a collaboration with Diesel to implement RFID technology into the brand’s flagship store, creating a unique and personalised shopping experience for each customer.

Checkpoint Systems successfully integrated a range of RFID components with Diesel’s state-of-the-art smart displays in the Italian brand’s store in Piazza San Babila in Milan.

RFID readers and antennas activate the displays at point of customer entry into the smart area. The interactive desktop identifies merchandise displayed on the table and provides additional information, such as a description of the size and colour plus possible combinations with related items and accessories, bringing a new dimension to the shopper’s experience.

Checkpoint Systems worked with digital company H-Farm, which has for the past 10 years’ designed systems involving customer interaction with RFID technology, to ensure the application process and RFID label are best suited for integration into existing logistics processes, while maintaining GS1 standards.

Among the options available in the Checkpoint RFID portfolio, the “WindLight” label was chosen for the Diesel project, as it’s been specially designed to offer the best performance in the apparel retail sector. The WindLight RFID application is implemented directly into the DC, through a dedicated coding and labelling line.