Chupa Chups expands sugar free range with three new flavours


Chupa Chups, the global number one lollipop brand, is expanding its popular sugar free range with new Chupa Chups Good For You. Made with natural, premium quality stevia, the lollipops come in Strawberry, Orange and Cherry flavours and contain only natural colouring. 

Aimed at those who want to both treat their families and reduce sugar where possible, the smaller sized 6g lollipops also contain added Fibre and Vitamin C to support immune function. Whilst vegetable and herb extracts have been used to maintain the same vibrant look of traditional lollipops.

Sharing formats currently make up 66% of the market and are experiencing impressive growth of +6%. This new 12 lollipop bag looks to build on the success of Chupa Chups sharing bags which are growing at a remarkable +10%, making Chupa Chups Good For You a potentially lucrative opportunity for retailers. 

Mark Roberts, Perfetti Van Melle trade marketing manager, said: “We’re seeing numerous trends altering shopper missions, most notably people are now more health conscious and are looking towards alternative products, which retailers need to ensure they’re stocking. 

“We’ve developed this product to optimize portion size, while still satisfying the desire for a sweet treat, meaning shoppers don’t have to feel guilty about treating themselves or their family. The added benefits such as vitamin C, fibre and natural colourings and sweeteners also make them appealing to a more health conscious consumer than traditional confectionery, which builds on our commitment to deliver choice.”

The Better For You confectionery market is worth £42.8m and PVM is leading the way as the number one manufacturer in the UK, with continued growth (+1%) and over 30% market share. 

RRP: £1.39

12 x 6g Lollipops