Clarks launches new ‘naturally sweet’ dessert sauces


Clarks, a leading UK producer of maple syrup and natural sweeteners, launches a new-to-market range of squeezable dessert sauces made with chicory root fibre syrup and carob syrup – natural, lower sugar alternatives, rich in fibre with a low GI.

Clarks new Dessert Sauces, perfect for topping ice cream, contain up to 45% less sugar and come in two flavours- Totally Choccy and Sweet Strawberry. Carob syrup, from the sugars of the Mediterranean carob fruit, and chicory root fibre syrup from the chicory flower, are both noted for their health benefits. Both chicory root fibre syrup and carob fruit syrup offer a sweet taste without adversely affecting flavour.

Clarks Dessert Sauces are expected to add incremental growth to the dessert sauce category, targeting an increasing number of consumers looking for sweet toppings that move away from the use of traditional inverted sugars.

Clarks has also recently introduced Date Syrup to its natural sweetener range, a concentrate of pure dates with no additives or preservatives. Another healthier alternative to sugar, Date Syrup usage includes sweetening porridge and puddings or using in cakes and bakes.

Bob Clark, founder and managing director of Clarks, said: “Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of excessive sugar consumption. As a result, the market for white sugar has fallen by 21% and there is a growing interest in natural sugar substitutes. At Clarks, we are always looking for natural alternatives to help our customers swap their sugars, whilst still enjoying the sweeter side of life. We’re excited to introduce Date Syrup and our new Dessert Sauces to consumers, to try this summer.”

New Clarks Dessert Sauces (250ml) (320g) are available in Morrisons from 23 June, RRP £2.00 Clarks Date Syrup (320g) is now available in Ocado, RRP £2.50.