Closet London appoints new sales and marketing director


Antonio Marsocci has joined Closet London as sales and marketing director.
Marsocci brings a wealth of brand experience to the business from Matches, Habitat and Lotus and is vastly experienced in today’s omni-channel retail solutions for continuous customer experience. 

Marsocci is keen to deliver a transformation to Closet London by using the latest technology to build a new exciting franchise model and improve our carbon footprint by exploring the usage of more sustainable practices. 
Marsocci will enable Closet London to grow internationally by developing licensed products and expanding the ranges to include accessories, handbags and shoes. 

A strong leader and enthusiastic mentor Marsocci will work on building a commercially- customer led wholesale and marketing team whilst exploring digital growth through expansion into marketplaces via their online channel.

“My focus for the brand is to bring innovation. We are already looking at new product ranges and new markets, whist refreshing our communication strategy. Diversity and inclusion, sustainability together with technology is key in taking Closet London into a new era,” said Marsocci.