The Co-operative opens Independent Living store for people with mobility difficulties

New Independent Living store

New Independent Living store

The Co-operative has launched a new retail store format, which will provide products and specialist advice to help keep people mobile and independent.

The Co-operative Independent Living has been opened in Poynton, Cheshire. The store offers people who require some day-to-day help, practical assistance and specialist products, so that they can lead as full a life as possible. Following the pilot store, the concept will be rolled out to additional stores and online in the future.

The new 3,000sq ft store features a range of products, from mobility scooters and beds, to chairs, bathroom aids and specially shaped cutlery.

The layout of the store is designed to offer customers easy access to items in a welcoming environment. Everything is arranged room-by-room, so whether customers need a jar opener for the kitchen or an adjustable bed, they’ll know exactly where to go, The Co-operative said.

Staff at the store have received specialist training to offer expert, one-to-one advice and customers can also benefit from a free consultation and product demonstration in their home to ensure products are right for them.   large range of items can be personalised or tailor-made to suit individual requirements and a free delivery and installation service is also available.

In addition, the store will feature paediatric and orthopaedic products, wheelchairs and walkers. A number of products come with a free warranty and customers can receive servicing on certain items including scooters and wheelchairs. VAT exemption is also offered for all customers who qualify. 

John Nuttall, director of The Co-operative Independent Living, said: “The expansion into this area is a natural fit with our Co-operative business. With our new offering we want customers to be able to make informed decisions about their mobility aids and ensure they get the right item that is suited to their needs, first time. This is especially important if they are getting an NHS grant to purchase a product.

“Whether customers have a disability, a chronic condition which means they have functional limitations on their daily life, or they just need a bit of help getting things done, we believe everyone has the right to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect to ensure they get expert advice and practical help.”