Confectionery brand, Goody Good Stuff, adds Egypt to growing export markets

Goody Good Stuff: growing export markets

Goody Good Stuff: growing export markets

Confectionery brand, Goody Good Stuff, has secured Egypt as its 27th export market, as it sets it sights on further global expansion.

Since launching in 2010, the innovative, all-natural, meat-free range of sweets has built-up an enviable list of export markets including Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Canada, as well as 15 European countries – namely France, Spain, Sweden and Germany.

The brand said its European expansion increased by 35% since 2011, and is now stocked in over 15,000 outlets worldwide.

The award-winning company, which pioneered the use of a plant-based hydrocolloid in sweets, now attributes 70% of its business to export.

Melissa Burton, managing director at Goody Good Stuff, set out to create gummy sweets with limitless appeal, which are not confined by any religious or dietary requirements.

Gelatine, gluten, nut, soy, egg, and even fat-free, Goody Good Stuff is able to go beyond the reach of its competitors as it appeals to a mass audience.

It is this USP that has led to its success in the United Arab Emirates, where it is stocked in over 400 stores in Dubai alone.

Burton: sweets have broad appeal

Burton: sweets have broad appeal

Burton said: “The universal appeal of Goody Good Stuff makes the product ideal for export and as it caters to all religious dietary requirements, including Kosher and Halal, Goody Good Stuff is able to sell into large, previously untapped markets.”

Its initial entry into the US market, in 2011, saw Goody Good Stuff secure 1,400 stores, while by December 2012 it had increased this to 13,000 stores, including 7-Eleven stores. That figure equates to a staggering 98.5 per cent of all 7-Eleven US stores, making Goody Good Stuff its most popular and far-reaching national roll-out to date; especially impressive when compared to the retailer’s average US roll out of just 30 per cent.

Ongoing success has also been achieved for the brand this side of the Atlantic, too. So far this year, it has secured UK wholesale shelf space in CostCo for its new mini-sized multipack bags, and is expected to announce a further listing in one of the ‘Big Fives’, which will add to Asda and Waitrose – which both stock the range.

Burton said: “We’re thrilled to have secured our 27th export market. The response from the American market, especially, has been phenomenal. It seems that consumers are shifting their purchasing behaviours and becoming more concerned with content and traceability, which has proved to generate huge success for the brand.

“Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we’ve set our targets high and are aiming for further growth in the global confectionery category as we move through 2013. We’ve agreed to secure a further 8,800 stockists in 2013, taking it to an impressive 20,000 around the world by December 2013.”

Goody Good Stuff’s range of sweets is available in the UK at Asda, Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods Market, Costco and online at Amazon. As well as being suitable for those following halal, kosher or vegetarian diets, four of the varieties are also vegan.