Cosatto maximises retail floorspace in Mothercare with Pioneer Digital interactive kiosks


Baby product manufacturer Cosatto has found an innovative way to showcase its range without taking up any additional physical space by presenting them virtually. Overcoming the challenge of being a concession with a set amount of floorspace, Cosatto worked with Pioneer Digitial to develop a bespoke digital kiosk.

“Cosatto is all about capturing personality in a product and bringing joy to the parents and children who rely on them,” explains Caroline Hardman, associate marketing director at Cosatto. “We needed to create a way to show Mothercare shoppers, with very little physical store real estate, all that we can do.”

The solution was a bespoke digital kiosk designed and installed by Pioneer Digital within select Mothercare locations. Using large interactive displays, Pioneer’s kiosks allowed curious shoppers to browse the complete catalogue of colours and creations from Cosatto and find the perfect product to suit their personality. While only a limited number of physical products could be on show at any one time, the digital system ensures that customers still experience the full range in store.

Mark Childerhouse, senior account manager at Pioneer Digital, explained: “The digital system will not only provide a fun experience for customers, but will also help Cosatto improve sales within a smaller store footprint. The kiosk will reduce the risk of losing people at the point of sale when the style or colour of product they want isn’t immediately available, as it lets them identify, order and pay for exactly what they want in-store. The digital kiosks are an innovative way to present more products in the space and drive brand awareness to the target market.”

Pioneer Digital rolled this out in a pilot programme of three Mothercare stores and three large Independent retailers during August. Mothercare Leeds was the first to debut Pioneer’s digital solution, with the other stores being spread across the country. So far the stores have seen fantastic engagement with the installation.

“The digital kiosks present the perfect way for any company operating in a boutique setting to showcase more of who they are in less space,” said Childershouse. “There is also plenty of opportunity to take this technology even further for brands by enabling tools like at-kiosk purchases to the display or allowing it to serve as a platform for additional brand marketing. It’s a great way to make the most of the smallest retail footprints.”