Cosmetic company, Nuxe, enlists eCommera analysis to boost online sales

Nuxe: online analysis to boost sales

Nuxe: online analysis to boost sales

Nuxe, a French company specialising in natural skincare products, has adopted eCommera’s DynamicAction marketing analysis to boost its online profitability.

DynamicAction, which enables retailers and brands to grow more profitably online, will analyse Nuxe’s marketing, product, site and operations data to offer a single view across the organisation and to recommend the specific actions to take in order to increase revenue.

Each recommended action is ranked according to its impact on profit, so that each member of the team knows exactly what to do to get immediate results. The solution encompasses millions of unique customer and business data points and gives the team a clear direction for creating a seamless customer experience and growing the entire business.

“DynamicAction is an innovative decision intelligence tool. In identifying and prioritising the ‘right’ action levels, based on the insights provided by analysing the data, DynamicAction is the ideal tool for brands to accelerate their growth online and maximise their profit,” said Hervé Fauvin, managing director, of eCommera France.

“We are pleased with our new partnership with Nuxe, a prestigious brand in the cosmetic industry.”

“International retailers have unique challenges that go far beyond language translation and currency exchange,” said Andrew McGregor, chief executive officer of eCommera.

“DynamicAction is uniquely positioned to help innovative global retailers like Nuxe to maintain their brand across disparate markets, to offer a world class customer experience at every single touchpoint, and, most importantly, to drive global business profitability.”  

The DynamicAction solution, deployable in a matter of weeks, has already been adopted by global brands including Brooks Brothers, TM Lewin, and Neiman Marcus.