Doctor and Bio-Synergy ambassador Dr. Gary Bartlett offers advice for safe gym usage


Spread of coronavirus is fast gaining momentum mainly in the media but also in the real world. At present, there is no specific guidance from public health England about the use of gyms but it very well may be worth considering avoiding busy public spaces where possible in these difficult times. Coronavirus is much more likely to spread in places where lots of people congregate, hence the ban on large public gatherings for now. UK chief medical officers have raised the risk to the public of getting covid-19 from low to moderate.
A public gym is a place where there is a real risk of potential spread of coronavirus as equipment is touched and shared by lots of different people. Gyms are considered high risk places for spread of the virus as people are likely to cough and sneeze into their hands and touch gym equipment. Coronavirus is spread from person to person via infected respiratory droplets from the nose and mouth. I would also recommend avoiding the steam room for the time being as damp humid environments are perfect places to transmit viruses and other pathogens.
This could be the perfect opportunity to work out at home in your own private space using your own personal home gym equipment or simply do a body weight workout. Remember that there are ways to tailor your work out so that you don’t have to use large gym equipment and still achieve the same results.
It’s important to remember that most people who contract this virus will suffer mild flu-like symptoms and should make a good recovery without any complications. Although, we must be mindful of the vulnerable people who may truly suffer if they were to contract coronavirus as the risk of very serious complications in this group of people is real. High risk groups include the elderly as well as those with underlying health conditions such as respiratory diseases like emphysema or those who’s immune systems do not fully function. Whilst covid-19 might not have such an adverse effect on you or me (if normally fit, healthy and young) however, we do have a major responsibility to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus  from ourselves to those who are vulnerable.
Those who choose to use public gyms I would recommend washing hands before starting the gym, between each exercise set and at the end of your gym session. Also, the use of hand sanitiser may prove beneficial, practice social distancing, avoiding touching your face including your eyes and clean down gym equipment before and after use. Adopting these methods may not only prevent you from contracting coronavirus but might just stop you from passing the virus onto a vulnerable person and saving a life. This doesn’t mean stop going to the gym but you do need to be super careful and definitely increase hygiene standards to a maximum. #dontbeselfish