Dog owners to spend more on their pets than family at Christmas, study finds


A recent survey by Savile Row Company, a London-based suits and shirts tailor, has revealed that 40% of UK dog owners spend more on their beloved pooches than family at Christmas.

Of the same group, a quarter admitted to spending more on their dog than their significant other.

This is good news for retailers of dog accessories, gifts and supplies, with 68% of the same group stating they are planning to spend more on their dogs this year compared to last year.

Most of the respondents (35%) are planning to spend up to £25 on their dogs this Christmas, however 22% will be spending up to £50 and 10% will be spending over this amount.

So what should retailers stock up on this Christmas?

If the data is anything to go by it seems outfits for dogs are a popular choice over the festive season, with 75% of UK dog owners, and over a 1/3 admitting to dressing their dog up for special occasions such as Christmas.

Not only this, but of these dog owners, 44% said they would wear matching outfits with their dogs, meaning there is a market for matching human and dog outfits this Christmas and in the future.

For those worrying that these outfits embarrass dogs, don’t worry, embarrassment is not within a dog’s range of emotions.

Stanley Coren, PhD., DSc., FRSC, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology, stated in a Psychology Today article that: “You can feel free to dress your dog in that silly costume for a party. He will not feel shame, regardless how ridiculous he looks.”

Made to measure shirts for dogs

For the 44% that dream of wearing a matching outfit with their dog but don’t want to settle for a novelty costume, Savile Row Company is launching a competition giving a dog daddy the chance to win a made to measure shirt for them AND their fur baby.

That’s right, one lucky pooch will win a shirt made exactly to their measurements with the option of custom embroidery on the cuffs, and the owner will win one too! This isn’t a usual service so a special prize for any dog lover.

To enter owners simply need to post a picture of their dog on Instagram and use the hashtag #SRdapperdog and tagging Savile Row Company’s Instagram account@savilerowco.