Drinks brands distributor seeks to ease cash flow at UK bars with #PUTITONMYTAB, campaign


Drinks brands distributor, The Liana Collection, which looks after five niche brands and works with the best bars and bartenders in the UK, has launched the #PUTITONMYTAB campaign to help its customers with their short term cash flow.

Director David Wood is asking drinks brands to get in contact with the bars who have supported them in the past and to pay for a future bar tab or gift card and look forward to enjoying some drinks once we are back to more stable times.

“Many operators are bound to face extinction and times of real strife. I appreciate the government is going to go some way top help but I believe the community can club together and do our bit,” Wood said.

“The last five to six years have seen an explosion of new spirit, beer, cider and wine brands and we owe a lot of our growth to the support of the great bars of the country,” he added.

Kickstarting the campaign, Wood has sent £100 to the following bars.

Natural Philosopher

Heads and Tails

Milroys of Soho

Original Sin

Behind This Wall