E-cigarette brand, blu eCigs, launches Pro Kit and range of e-liquids

New Pro-Kit and e-liquids

New Pro Kit

Following the recent UK launch of premium global e-cigarette brand blu eCigs, the company has responded to consumer demand and released its latest innovation – the blu eCigs Pro Kit, alongside a range of refillable e-liquids. Developed using the latest e-cigarette technology, this new model of ‘tank’ e-cigarette boasts various improvements to other models, including a unique ‘safe charge’ battery and charger, as well as a brand-new mouthpiece design, blu reports.

Blu eCigs are claimed to have proved popular in the UK since launch; featuring top notch flavours and a minimalist, sleek black design not commonly associated with cigarettes, the company said. The Pro Kit range is said to offer a variety of superior quality e-liquid refills in flavours including Classic Tobacco, Cherry, Menthol, NRG, Strawberry-mint and blu-BERRY, with even more new flavours to be released in the future.

By bringing in refillable versions of the popular blu eCigs (previously SKYCIG) flavours, blu said it is bringing retailers a top quality and stylish option which will stand out on the shelves, in a category which offers excellent profit margins.

The new Pro Kit range has been designed with safe charge technology at the front of mind. The new Pro Kit battery is designed to give five times more power than its smaller counterparts, so a charger has been created to match it in strength and power output. The blu eCigs ‘safe charge’ technology means that the Pro Kit battery only works with the Pro Kit charger, thus avoiding any possibility of using the Pro Kit with an incompatible or unsafe charger.

The design of the blu eCigs Pro Kit starts with the clearomiser. The choice of a 1.8ml tank complements the slimline and mobile look and feel of the Pro Kit. The blu eCigs Pro Kit clearomiser is also surrounded by a ‘shock-proof’ metal shell, which protects the unit against accidental damage and a clear window that enables vapers to monitor how much e-liquid is left inside the tank.

Blu said another noticeable innovation in the blu eCigs Pro Kit is the mouthpiece, which is connected to the centre tube through which vapour flows. The choice of a solid mouthpiece that is connected to the shell ensures that no excess air can enter the tank, proving a richer and more satisfying vape.

The Pro Kit includes one blu eCigs clearomiser, one 10ml measure of Classic Tobacco e-liquid and a pro battery (950mah, 90mm) alongside a safe-charge USB charger.

The blu eCigs Pro Kit is priced from £19.99, for more information visit www.blucigs.co.uk.