Eight out of 10 Brits find hosting Christmas Day stressful, Panasonic study finds

Induction hobs: easing Christmas stress?

Induction hobs ease Christmas stress, claims Panasonic

More than eight out of 10 (85%) Brits say they find hosting Christmas Day stressful, with one in 10 men referring to it as ‘an absolute nightmare’ and one in five women admitting it is ‘nerve-wracking’, according to a study commissioned by Panasonic.

Further, one in 10 said they found Christmas Day more stressful than organising a wedding and 14% find it more stressful than moving house.

The, also showed that well over half (57%) of households have to wait up to an hour longer than planned to tuck into their turkey, as kitchen cock-ups cause delays.

Fifty five per cent struggle to get the timing right for each dish; 52% are flummoxed by not having enough space on the hob or in the oven; and 28% can’t stand the heat in the kitchen.

Despite all this, mums will be the ones rushing to the rescue. The research shows that ‘mum’ will be the one cooking this Christmas in over three quarters (76%) of households across the country.

It seems that we all want to help though, no matter who is stuck in the kitchen. Almost all of us (97%) want to save as much time as possible on cooking at Christmas so that we can spend more time doing fun things.

“Although we love it, Christmas can be quite a stressful time, especially for the person cooking Christmas dinner. As our research shows, saving time in the kitchen is crucial to our enjoyment of the big day. Luckily, induction technology can help,” said Rie Fujii, Panasonic UK. “Our induction hobs can bring a pan to boiling with just one touch and, thanks to Pause/Play, if your kids get overexcited about a present or an unexpected guest arrives while you are cooking, you can quickly pause cooking and multitask safely.”

Induction technology is claimed to be an energy efficient and doesn’t make the kitchen unbearably hot since it heats the pan and not the hob, which also reduces the risk of burns. With Panasonic’s sensors, these induction hobs use just enough power to consistently cook at precisely the right temperature, saving even more energy, the company claims.