Electronic cigarette brand NJOY airs anti-smoking New Year TV advertising campaign


NJOY, the electronic cigarette brand, has launched a television advertising campaign to promote the use of NJOY King e-cigarettes as a New Year’s resolution for existing adult smokers.

NJOY said it’s overreaching business goal is to make traditional tobacco products obsolete, and the advertising campaign underpins this strategy. The advert has a clear anti-smoking message and focuses on the emotive aspects of using e-cigarettes vs. traditional tobacco products. This differs greatly to adverts from other e-cigarette manufacturers that have used salacious content and ‘shock value’ to grab attention, the company claims.

The campaign will target existing adult smokers, demonstrating there is an alternative to tobacco products and encouraging them not to continue to smoke combustion cigarettes and instead to switch to NJOY King e-cigarettes in the New Year as part of their resolutions, said NJOY. The underlying message is ‘everyone who loves you wishes you didn’t smoke. So do we’. Family and friends of smokers will also be motivated to encourage smokers to switch to NJOY Kings, following the line ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Smoke’. Every year, millions of people in the UK spend billions of pounds in an effort to change what are considered ‘bad habits’. This is particularly true of cigarette smokers, with January traditionally the only month cigarette consumption meaningfully declines each year.

The advert features snapshots of two friends in various scenes throughout their lives, from their student days in their twenties to today. Each scene involves one friend helping or ‘saving’ the other from an unpleasant situation. The ad closes with one friend ‘returning the favour’ and advising the other not to pick up a cigarette.

The first advert aired on 26 December 2013, Boxing Day, and will run throughout January 2014 on key terrestrial stations, ITV1, Channel 4, Five, and a variety of digital channels, including ITV4, Five*, Film 4, More 4, Dave, Sky Sport and Sky Atlantic. Two cuts of the advert, a 30 second and 60 second version, will be aired throughout the campaign.

“Our goal at NJOY is simple, we want to make cigarettes entirely obsolete,”  said Geoff Vuleta, global chief marketing Officer at NJOY. “This idea is at the heart of our first UK TV advertising campaign. While other e-cigarette brands have focused their advertising on salacious or shocking content, or have promoted continued ‘dual use’ of electronic cigarettes with combustion cigarettes, we think it’s important for the product category to demonstrate the value of e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco for existing adult smokers.”

“The New Year period is traditionally a time of year to address our bad habits and try and change for the better, for our own benefit and for our friends and family. E-cigarettes offer this opportunity to existing adult smokers looking to change their behaviour. We really do believe in the line ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Smoke’, given the universal recognition of the perils of tobacco smoking. It’s part of our longer term goal to make cigarettes obsolete.      

The campaign will be the first time NJOY has advertised on television in Europe, and follows the company’s launch in the UK in mid 2013. NJOY is one of the most popular e-cigarette brands in America, with over 80,000 retail locations in the US, 15,000 in the UK and 30,000 in Spain. The TV campaign will air in the US, UK and Spain.