Enertor insole endorsed by Usain Bolt to launch exclusively at Superdrug


Retailer Superdrug has announced the UK launch of an innovative new performance enhancing sport insole brand, worn and endorsed by fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt.

Launching exclusively in Superdrug stores and on Superdrug.com from 29 June 2016, ENERTORTM is the new innovative sport insole range that helps to improve performance, comfort and reduce risk of injury. ENERTORTM is the only performance insole to use patented D3O® technology, a patented smart material that cushions the foot when moved slowly, but locks together on impact to absorb and disperse energy before instantly returning to its flexible state.

Alongside the exciting full length performance insoles, the ENERTORTM range also includes 3/4 length insoles and heel cups that are set to be the first choice for comfort and injury prevention. Made with the same patented D3O® smart materials to improve foot function, the 3/4 length insoles and heel cups are lightweight, flexible and can be worn with most styles of footwear for everyday comfort.

ENERTORTM full length performance insoles are worn and endorsed by Usain Bolt, who commented: “Limits are something that sportsmen and women face every day, both physically and mentally, and to be successful you have to break those limits. ENERTORTM insoles have D3O® technology that is scientifically proven to improve

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performance, comfort and reduce the risk of injury. Being able to train harder and perform better enables everyone to break their limits.”

Caris Newson, head of retail health at Superdrug, said: “We are proud to be the exclusive retailer of ENERTORTM insoles in the UK. Backed by the fastest man in the world and launching ahead of the exciting summer of sport, this is an incredibly exciting product that can benefit people of all sporting abilities.

“At Superdrug it is our mission to provide our customers with all they need to live a healthy lifestyle, no matter what their health goals may be — whether that’s getting fitter and stronger or perfecting their performance. We aim to provide solutions for all and these products will help people to train harder and perform better, so that they can ultimately break their limits.”

Nick Beresford, CEO of ENERTORTM, said: “The ENERTORTM brand was born out of 18 years’ experience providing clinical services and selling insoles to elite athletes, professional sports teams including Premier league football clubs, the British Army, private clinics and the NHS. We’re excited to combine this expertise with innovative D3O® technology to bring to market a brand new product that has the backing of Usain Bolt. ENERTORTM insoles reduce injuries and may help people run faster, jump higher and perform better to break their limits.”

The new ENERTORTM range is available exclusively in 500 Superdrug stores and on Superdrug.com from 29 June 2016 (UK sizes 3 – 12). ENERTORTM full length performance insoles are priced at £39.99, 3/4 insoles £24.99 and heel cups £19.99.