Finnish startup, LIID, aims to revolutionize CRM use across all platforms with new app

Helsinki-based startup LIID claims it is revolutionizing how a sales organization uses CRM by doing away with tedious data entry and providing a virtual sales assistant instead. The company, currently taking part in the Northern European accelerator program Startup Sauna, has created a sales productivity smartphone app that works in the background of salespeople’s smartphones and automatically updates the CRM.LIID makes an ambitious claim of supporting any cloud-based CRM within two weeks of such need arising. After its initial Salesforce launch in September, it has now launched support for Microsoft Dynamics.

“The Liid cloud is built from the ground up to easily support new input devices and CRMs. Most CRM apps support Salesforce only; our approach lets us support all cloud-based CRMs, which is unprecedented. Everyone is invited to the party,” said CEO Juha Herranen.

Sales reps are notorious of not adding activities into the company CRM. Activity logging rate can be as low as 20%, leading to sales forecasts made based on that data be off by 80%. LIID tackles this problem with a smartphone application that gives reps automatic data entry and tools to make life easier such as business card scanning and speech-to-text notes. The app also works as a virtual sales assistant, reminding reps to follow-up after a meeting and keep in touch with all ongoing cases.

Liid is now available as a free version for companies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce. Salespeople can download the iOS or Android app and set up the connection to their CRM themselves.

Here is a link to the company’s two minute demo video