Founders of Debbie & Andrew’s sausage brand launch sausage label called Heck

New premium sausage brand

New premium sausage brand

Heck: new sausage brand

Heck: new sausage brand

Debbie and Andrew Keeble, founders of the Debbie & Andrew’s sausage brand, have launched a second sausage brand called Heck because they claim their eponymous brand has been compromised by its new owners.

Heck sausages are claimed to bring integrity back to the meat industry and have been launched in Tesco stores and online at Ocado. The brand has been created by design agency Elmwood with the aim of bringing farmer’s market-style sausages to the mainstream.

Elmwood previously worked on the creation of the Debbie & Andrew’s sausage brand.

Heck comes from the Keebles being able to say, “What the Heck” to big business and stay true to their own recipes, ideas and integrity. 

Heck takes the sausage not only as a staple in its own right but as an ingredient for recipes, the company claims. Flavours include Plump Pork and Apple, Smoky Chorizo Style and Chicken Italia. Their new website will sell the entire sausage range and give advice on a wide range of recipes for the Heck brand.

Elmwood said it worked with the Keebles to gain insights into the market before developing a compelling brand story for Heck that could be taken to market. It then created the brand marque and tone of voice before rolling this out across all packaging and on its website. It also created the visuals, point of sale and digital design elements ready for launch.

Elmwood creative director Andrew Lawrence said: “It is fantastic to once again be working with Debbie and Andrew on their new project. They are a wonderful team and to be creating a legacy for their family with this brand is a real honour.

“With the recent controversy across the food sector it is great to be working with a food brand that holds such high values in terms of what is put into their products.”

Andrew Keeble said: “Having worked with Elmwood before, we know how effective their work can be to make sure new products truly hit the mark with retailers and consumers as well as jumping out on the shelf. We worked with them from the conception stage of the brand and their input has helped us create a unique and striking design and concept that I feel will really resonate and stand out in today’s market.”

There are currently eight flavours in the Heck range and to start the roll out the sausages are being sold at shows, markets and online. Each pack of six sausages has an RRP of £2.99.