f’real brings the first premium self-serve milkshake to the UK


f’real self-serve milkshake

With the ‘milkshake market’ booming (flavoured milk was up by more than £15m to £156.7m in 2017 and a new wave of millennials fuelling the rapid growth of the Grab and Go sector, Rich Products – a leading supplier of frozen food and beverages – has launched the UK’s first self-serve milkshake solution.

Unlike anything else on the market, and offering convenience operators the opportunity to serve up an extra £19,000 in annual revenue, f’real is a unique, self-serve, touch screen milkshake vending solution offering consumers premium milkshake made with ice cream, at the touch of a button.

Featuring real ice-cream and fresh ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours, the easy-to-use machine uses touch screen technology to allow consumers to make their own shake in just sixty seconds. Consumers simply choose their preferred flavour, peel off the foil seal, then blend their milkshake to their exact preference, using one touch blending.

For operators, the solution is quick and easy to maintain, featuring automatic sanitisation and minimal cleaning (all ingredients are pre-measured in a frozen cup.)

f’real (which is available in 20,000 locations across the U.S and Canada) has enjoyed huge success across the Atlantic, and following a launch at Southern Coop, the business is anticipating similar success in UK.

Emma Wood, head of head of f’real EME at Rich Products says:

“Milkshake is making a comeback, fuelled by a new generation of millennials who are shunning alcohol in favour of innovative, indulgent beverages that tick the boxes of flavour, fun, and authenticity.

“Alongside this, the rise of agile working and 24/7 lifestyles means they are on the go more than previous generations, and expect quality food and drink wherever they are, and at whatever time of the day.

“This is where f’real comes in – it fills the gap in the market for a premium milkshake that taps into the demand for both convenience and quality.With 55% of consumers in the US going to a convenience store just to buy a f’real, this is destination product that poses a truly exciting opportunity for operators keen to tap into the milkshake market.”