Fridge Raiders shakes up its Cheese & Nut Combos range


Fridge Raiders has announced that it will be moving its entire Cheese & Nut Combos range to a single serve 40g format, helping retailers up and down the country to make the most of the growing trend for on-the-go snacking.

The on-the-go snacking occasion is currently worth £12.5 billion in the UK – having grown by +11% in the last year – tapping into the millions of consumers who lead busy on-the-go lifestyles. Within this trend, we’re also seeing an increased demand amongst consumers for healthier snacking alternatives, with 44% of adults and 56% of 16-34-year olds viewing snacks as a good way to boost their nutritional intake.

In particular, 76% of people are specifically looking for protein when choosing healthier snacks, something that Fridge Raiders delivers through its Combos range – providing consumers with a high source of protein through its bite-size tangy cheese pieces and crunchy nuts.

Fridge Raiders wants to help its customers tap into these growing markets and offer shoppers a healthy and convenient snack that can be easily picked up during their busy schedules, while providing them with energy-boosting protein throughout the day.

Since its initial launch in April 2019, the Combos range has become a hit with consumers. In fact, it was the most frequently bought chilled snack NPD last year, with a quarter of shoppers repeat purchasing within the first 12 weeks of launch.

Building upon this success – and aligning with the switch to a single serve format – Fridge Raiders will also be rolling out its bold and adventurous new Peri-Peri Cheese & Nuts Combos to retailers across the country. Through the addition of the Peri-Peri option, Fridge Raiders wants to shake up the healthy snacking market and bring more exciting flavour profiles into the mix – helping to attract even more shoppers to try the range.

Julia May, brand manager, Fridge Raiders, said: “To support the rise in shoppers who want to be able to consume healthy food on-the-go, Fridge Raiders is committed to creating a range of products that combine people’s favourite snacks in an easy-to-consume, no mess format that also contains low salt, fat and sugar. Our move to a convenient, single serve format for our popular Cheese & Nut Combos will help retailers to really tap into this healthy on-the-go snacking moment, as well as encouraging more shoppers to pick up a pack and trial the range. We know that our Combos product has a really high repeat rate, so we’re confident that by driving greater trial in store, shoppers will come back again and again to enjoy the range – particularly with the launch of our exciting new Peri-Peri flavour.”

The move to a 40g single serve format will be launched across the entire Cheese & Nuts Combos range, including the new Peri-Peri flavour, from 9 March 2020 in Morrisons. It will then roll out to ASDA and Sainsbury’s throughout the summer. The single serve format is already available across the convenience and independent retail channel.