Frugi exceeds expectations for brand advocacy program


Frugi, the UK’s leading organic children’s lifestyle brand, has experienced 4,000 pieces of user-generated content within 48 hours after launching a new brand advocacy program with Duel on 28 January 2020. Duel is a leading Brand Advocacy Platform that helps brands build Advocacy Programs to reward and encourage existing brand loyalists to become brand advocates.

The program works by encouraging ‘Frugi Fun’ brand advocates to spread the word for Frugi by referring friends, sharing affiliate codes, posting on social media, creating content and leaving reviews and testimonials. The program turns customers into powerful content creators to create authentic written, photo and video content for Frugi’s website and social media channels. The Duel platform empowers brands to build Brand Advocacy Programs and manage all their advocates and brand advocacy operations from one centralised platform.

This incredible launch, which has exceeded all expectations with customers completing two tasks every minute for over a week, has helped drive customer retention while growing the Frugi brand through organic word-of-mouth at a fraction of the costs of advertising.

This launch reflects how Brand Advocacy Programs can harness the power and energy of passionate customers to create growth and content for Frugi. The rewards aspect creates a powerful ‘locking in’ effect for the already loyal customer base. Frugi embody everything we look for in a forward-thinking brand: purpose-driven, passionate about customers, and focused on modern values like sustainability and inclusion. We believe this next generation of brands are the future,” says Paul Archer, Co-Founder of Duel. “Advocacy Programs like Frugi Fun are the perfect way to tap into this deep passion. We believe Advocacy Programs will become a hallmark of those forward-thinking brands, as those brands can drive incredible, cost-effective growth through their customers.”

CEO of Frugi Hugo Adams says: “The results we have seen are extraordinary and we are very pleased to have partnered with Duel to facilitate this program. Frugi’s customers are proving to be deeply engaged, dedicated and loyal to the brand. The program is simply rewarding them for their hard work and all the advocacy they do daily.”