Global Brands launches Ready to Serve (RTS) cocktail brand London Rd


Global Brands, the UK’s leading independent drinks business, has announced the arrival of premium Ready to Serve (RTS) cocktail brand London Rd.

The brand offers consumers the authentic taste of the Mojito, the Cosmo and the Singapore Sling, each crafted by expert mixologists and packaged in jam jars featuring designs bespoke to each flavour. Simon Green, marketing director, explains the unique offering: “London Rd Jam Jar Cocktails celebrate the phenomenal role that London played in the early cocktail scene. Long considered an American invention, there is evidence to suggest that the cocktail’s roots can actually be traced back to 18th Century London.”

Certainly the cocktail scene has flourished since those early days and the brand champions the global reach of the mixology trend by celebrating the real heritage of classic cocktails within each flavour’s design. The Cosmo label features the night-time silhouette of the New York sky line, the Mojito takes its design cues from 20th Century Cuba whilst the Singapore Sling captures the sun rising over the garden city.

The same attention to detail has been paid to the liquid, with each London Rd recipe developed by expert mixologists, designed to capture the cocktail’s perfect flavour with a respectful nod to the heritage of original recipes. The London Rd Cuban Mojito opens with a sharp punch of lime which is replaced by sweet notes of brown sugar and white rum before fading to the cooling tones of fresh mint. The New York Cosmo draws sweetness from succulent orange which is perfectly rounded by the purity of vodka tones and is balanced by the more astringent cranberry juice and tart lime flavours; whilst the Singapore Sling serves up an initial fruity burst of sweet cherry, orange and pineapple flavours which is balanced by the zesty lime, bitters and botanicals of the London Dry Gin. Green said: “The key with any great cocktail is to ensure that every flavour plays its part. London Rd Jam Jar cocktails were developed with painstaking care to ensure that the real cocktail flavour can be delivered in a ready to drink format.

“The cocktail scene has flourished over the last 10 years and this is not just seen in the bars and clubs of Shoreditch but across the country with 57% on-trade venues now offering cocktail menus. Thus, there is now greater consumer expectation for venues to deliver consistency in terms of the right glassware, right mix, right flavour. This increases pressure on bar staff and also the speed of serve.

“London Rd Jam Jar Cocktails offer consumers a premium, crafted cocktail serve with great theatre, which can be consumed instantly, the perfect offer for modern time constrained consumers. London’s early mixologists of the 18th Century paved the way for this now global trend and with London Rd Jam Jar Cocktails, we look forward to bringing great cocktail traditions to a new 21st century audience.”

The range is currently available to buy in Morrisons supermarkets.