Gumtree teams up with AnyVan to offer delivery and removal


Gumtree, the UK’s number one classifieds site, has teamed up with fellow sharing economy stalwart, AnyVan, to offer users a wealth of delivery options. The partnership gives users who are looking to buy or sell second hand goods the option to use AnyVan when completing a transaction to arrange delivery.

Launched in 2009, AnyVan takes advantage of the fact 50% of vans travelling across the UK are empty, and offers the additional space to consumers. The service means cheaper delivery costs, but also benefits the environment by reducing the number of vans on the road, saving an estimated 49 million kilograms of carbon since its inception.

It’s hoped Gumtree buyers and sellers will be able to take advantage of the new partnership with AnyVan. It’s a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option, for buying and selling secondhand goods from further afield, as well as home removals. So, whether you’re a Londoner wanting to buy a couch from Aberdeen, or a Bristolian who wants to sell a car seat to Newcastle, Gumtree and AnyVan are working together to make this possible

Michael Stoelwinder, head of product, Gumtree said: “We are constantly talking to our users to gather feedback and make improvements to our site and service. We know they want to be able to buy and sell items when they want, and crucially where they want, in the most convenient way possible. That’s why Gumtree is thrilled to be working with AnyVan, to offer our buyers and sellers a new option to cheaply and easily transport goods across the UK.”

Angus Elphinstone, founder and CEO, AnyVan said: “We founded AnyVan eight years ago to reduce the amount of empty vehicles travelling on our roads. Working with Gumtree is a fantastic opportunity for us to offer its customers a reliable and convenient way to transport those goods that people no longer need, or that they cannot wait to receive. Together with Gumtree, we’re offering consumers the best of the sharing economy to ensure they can shop or sell on their own terms. We’ve seen over 20,000 additional customers come through to us from Gumtree in recent weeks and we’re hoping to build on this success as we strengthen our ties with the site”.