Half of shoppers in the UK check prices online while in stores to find best deal, finds Vouchercloud.com


Over half of Britons are using their smartphones to check the prices of items online before making a purchase in-store to see if they can save money by purchasing via the web, according to new research from a UK-based discount brand.

A new survey has revealed the influence of deal hunting on UK citizens’ shopping traits, as the rise of gadgets and handheld technology enables shoppers to search around to secure the best prices without even leaving the store. It has been uncovered that 59% of shoppers take advantage of this, as they confess to checking the prices of items they spot in stores to see they can buy them cheaper online, before heading to the check-out and committing to the purchase.

The study, conducted by www.vouchercloud.com, polled 2,178 UK citizens, all of whom were aged 18 and over and owned a smartphone device. The research formed part of the company’s wider research into the financial trends and spending habits of the British public.

The respondents were first asked “Do you believe that you can generally get a cheaper deal in store or online?” to which the majority, 67%, believed that they could get a better deal online.

All respondents were then asked “Do you prefer the experience of shopping online or in store?” to which 44% of respondents stated that they preferred the experience of shopping in store, followed by 31% who stated that it depended on the type of shopping they were doing. The remaining 25% preferred the virtual shopping experience over that offered by the high street.

In order to understand more about shoppers’ price sensitivity, the survey than asked respondents how important it was to them to “get the best deal for an item”. The majority of respondents (61%) stated that securing the best price was ‘very important’, compared to 23% who felt that achieving the cheapest price was ‘quite important’ and only 16% who stated that the price was ‘not important at all’.

Respondents were then asked to identify all measures they undertook using their personal technology, eg smartphones and tablets, before purchasing an item in a store, revealing the following top 5 shopping behaviours:

1.      Check/compare prices online whilst I’m in the store – 59%

2.      Ask family and/or friends for advice – 56%

3.      Check comparable brands online – 47%

4.      Look for discounts and coupons – 45%

5.      Research product reviews online – 30%

Matthew Wood of vouchercloud.com said: “The whole ethos of our company is to save people money and ensure that they are getting the very best deal wherever possible.  There are those out there who are still unaware of the amount of the money that can be saved, even by doing minimal research.  Obviously, the high street has suffered due to this trait, but it’s not all doom and gloom as many retailers are savvy to this trend making their prices competitive, whilst working with money-saving brands such as ourselves. “