The happy egg co. celebrates US success and reaches one million packs sold


The happy egg co.: US milestone

The happy egg co.: US milestone

British ethical egg producer the happy egg co. has announced that it has surpassed a major milestone, selling more than 1m dozens of happy eggs to the American consumer since launching the brand there in 2012. 

The happy egg co. introduced its strong welfare proposition to the American market 14 months ago. Originally founded in 2009, the company is committed to producing great tasting eggs laid by the happiest hens; accepting only the highest standards of animal welfare for its laying birds.

In October 2012 the company launched its free range eggs in boxes of 12 across more than 240 Kroger/Ralph’s stores in California. In a little over a year the business has grown to supply over 2,000 retail outlets including Walmart.

With over 90bn eggs produced each year in the United States, and 95% of those originating from caged hens¹, the  success of the happy egg co. is helping to bring a much needed boost to free range egg production in the USA. The speciality egg market continues to grow, and the recent  USA Farm Bill will result in a ban on standard caged egg production in California in 2015, providing another boost to added welfare eggs.

The happy egg company is engaged in a range of activities to help educate US consumers about the benefits of free range farming. Readers of popular US title Better Homes and Gardens recently voted happy egg “Best New Product of the Year” as part of the outlet’s annual round-up of new and innovative consumer products.

David Wagstaff, chief operating officer of the happy egg co USA, said: “We are excited to see that US consumers are embracing our approach to hen welfare. As a result we have seen the brand go from strength to strength. The speciality egg market, which includes free range, is now predicted to grow by 15% per year on year with cage free now accounting for four per cent of the total egg US egg market – which is a major achievement and something worth celebrating, particularly for the happy egg company which puts hen welfare first.”

Rob Newell, Head of Brands at the happy egg co. said: “It’s really great to reach this milestone so quickly and to witness the positive reaction from consumers to free range. Per head US consumers eat around 250 eggs every year – 1.3 times more than here in the UK, representing a tremendous opportunityr for the future growth of our brand.”