Health & Hygiene launches antibacterial toothbrush incorporating d2p technology


Health & Hygiene UK is launching a new product, designed to give consumers a complete care system for oral health. Protector announces the world’s first “Complete Antibacterial Toothbrush” for Oral Hygiene that incorporates pioneering d2p Antibacterial Technology.

Health & Hygiene is a British Company working with Symphony Environmental Technologies to develop the Protector range of products. The new Antibacterial toothbrush will be sold under the registered brand “Protector” Health & Hygiene Limited.

The Protector toothbrush is a cleaner and safer alternative to the standard toothbrush. Protector antibacterial toothbrush incorporates Symphony’s d2p technology in the head and handle together with DuPont Tynex StaClean Antimicrobial Bristles, to offer complete protection by disrupting the bacterial cell, preventing cell replication.   Bacteria and microbes are killed upon contact with the Toothbrush surface, providing safe and healthy brushing throughout the life of the toothbrush.

Protector Toothbrush is a Complete Antibacterial Toothbrush from its bristles and head to the tip of the handle, minimizing the risk of external threats by 99.99% when tested in accordance with ISO 22196 and ASTM E2149.  Health & Hygiene Ltd UK is exclusively incorporating innovative d2p technology, placing the Protector Toothbrush in a class of its own.

The launch takes place at the Holiday Inn London Elstree and will be attended by representatives from the High Commission of Pakistan, as well as senior figures from healthcare and personal care industries.

Health & Hygiene Limited has also developed an extensive range of healthcare and personal care products, incorporating d2p technology, the first of which was launched in May of this year.