Holland & Barrett launches high street’s first bespoke, non-alcoholic CBD-infused cocktail range


CBD-infused food and drinks have been popping up all over wellness market throughout 2019, appearing in everything from tea to toast.

And according to Google, the UK desire for CBD-infused lifestyle choices has never been higher, with searches for ‘CBD drink’ at their highest rate in five years – up almost 300% compared to 2018.

But despite a host of brands attempting to utilise the CBD market, and growing consumer interest, the choice for a genuinely holistic and tailored approach hasn’t been entirely clear – until now. Shocking, considering that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to CBD.

Brand new for 2020, Holland & Barrett, the UK’s leading health and wellness retailer, has launched the high street’s first CBD-infused alcohol-free cocktail range, available to purchase from stores nationwide and online.

Promising to deliver on not only delicious flavour and health benefits, but a one-of-a-kind drinking experience too, Kolibri CBD Cocktails features a patented flavour cap which puts drinkers in control of their own CBD dosage.

Drinkers blend as much or as little of the 20mg broad-spectrum CBD drops in to the full-bodied cocktail base, creating a bespoke and truly unique drink to suit your needs.

The Tailored By You cocktails come in a range of two exciting flavours; Dark Forest – a ripe, dark-berry blend with woody, smoky notes balanced by an intense profile of pine and black pepper-  and Citrus Grove – a zesty blend of sharp curacao, dried fruits and rich goji berry with a long bitter and herbaceous finish.

Kamila Sitwell, beverage industry expert, author and founder of Kolibri Drinks says: “Kolibri was created to excite the mindful consumers – the flavour-seeking friends who are either choosing to cut back on alcohol or and those who are already enjoying the CBD experience but not it’s current formats of tinctures and pills . We launched our original Botanicals range in 2018, and become the UK’s most awarded drinks brand of 2019. We champion choice and control through customisation in all of our product ranges.

“And with our latest CBD range, we’re simply building on this experience-first approach to beverage choice – providing an exciting range that each individual can feel is uniquely their own with every sip. The benefits of separating the CBD from the drink not only gives the consumer control through our patented micro-dosage cap, but it preserves the potency of the CBD so that consumers experience its full potential – ensuring that the standardised, pre-formulation drinks  approach to drinks stays in decades past.”

CBD drinks already hold a number of high-profile fans; from Jennifer Anniston to Whoopi Goldberg, the product even presented itself as the theme for Kim Kardashian’s famous third baby shower, at which she served CBD-infused Kombucha.

But despite the widely recognised product choice, UK consumers are still unsure of CBD’s benefits, with Google consistently seeing searches for ‘What is CBD good for?’ throughout the past year.

CBD stands for the naturally-occurring cannabidiol. Unlike THC, which is the active component in marijuana that gets you high, CBD has no psychoactive properties and is being increasingly used in both medical and cosmetic products.

Kolibri’s unique application process caters for the ‘sweet spot’ CBD dose that we individually require, and depends on a range of factors such as your body weight, your body chemistry, the quality and concentration of CBD in your drink, and of course, your desired outcomes – ranging from relaxation, focus & clarity to general well-being.

Louise Broom, category manager at Holland & Barrett reveals: “We’re over the moon to be bringing the first alcohol-free, CBD-infused cocktail range to the UK market. Having seen the success of our wider alcohol-free beverage range, and the exponential growth within the CBD space across all Holland & Barrett categories, we’re looking forward to combining the two in the form of an experiential yet highly functional cocktail range.”

In terms of the extraction process, Kolibri developed the broad-spectrum high potency CBD with a Colorado (USA) based laboratory to ensure the quality and efficacy has been rigorously tested and meets all current and future compliancy regulations.

Hristina Litovin, PhD, pharmaceutical technology, nanotechnology, chief science officer at Sinceritas, reveals: “While Kolibri Drinks have been fantastic at meeting consumer demands for high quality, delicious CBD drinks which deliver on experience, the brand has also been conscious to follow the best scientific guidelines in the delivery of a CBD product.

“CBD is best stored in an airtight container for superior quality, freshness and high potency and Kolibri have ticked that box by separating the CBD from the main drink and storing it in a cap dispenser found on top of each bottle, ensuring that their Broad-spectrum CBD remains as potent and high quality as possible.

“Kolibri’s patented cap cleverly puts the dosage control in the consumer’s hands by allowing them to add as many or as few CBD drops as they like – offering micro-dosing capability. A tailored and controlled dosage has previously only been offered in the form of CBD Oil, drinks came in a pre-mixed format which might not fit individuals’ health needs. Kolibri’s non-alcoholic CBD cocktail makes the perfect drink for those who want to dip their toes into the world of CBD, giving them the control of how much CBD they’d like to add to their drink.

“Kolibri Drinks prides itself on delivering the first Bespoke CBD drinks in the UK and certainly meet high-quality manufacturing guidelines, making their drinks a very exciting proposition indeed.”