Holland & Barrett rolls out Checkpoint Systems’ EAS 2.0 solutions to all its stores


Checkpoint Systems, a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions, and Holland & Barrett, Europe’s leading retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, have extended their partnership with the full roll-out of an EAS 2.0 (electronic article surveillance) programme that delivers loss prevention solutions and data analytics at 950 stores in the UK, Ireland, Benelux and Scandinavia.

With the solutions in place, Holland & Barrett will improve merchandise availability across its estate by reducing shrinkage through enhanced loss prevention. The EAS 2.0 programme will also deliver a wide range of valuable data to the retailer. Remote access to in-store reports, will enable it to analyse footfall against transaction data to calculate shopper conversion rates and improve staffing allocations.

Holland & Barrett will use Checkpoint Systems’ EVOLVE iRange P30 antenna, equipped with an Integrated VisiPlus™ people counting unit. Featuring a customisable design, the retailer will benefit from the visual theft deterrent, superior detection, highly sophisticated functionality, analytics and reporting to maximise sales and minimise losses.

The retailer will use Checkpoint Systems’ Counterpoint ECO deactivation solution at the point of sale, enabling it to increase the speed of the checkout process. Its increased deactivation performance, particularly on smaller tags and labels, will also result in fewer false alarms, further enhancing shoppers’ in store experience.

Holland & Barrett is also working with Checkpoint Systems to source tag selected high risk product lines, such as Manuka honey and sports supplements. The source tagging programme will mean security labels are applied to merchandise either at point of manufacturer or along the supply chain ahead of arriving in store, reducing time staff spend tagging items internally.

As a global business, Checkpoint Systems will provide technical support, both during and after the installation, at stores in each country. Ensuring that the roll-out is delivered on time, by mid-2016.

Ray Aldis, director of projects for Holland & Barrett International, said: “Conversion data is a vital part of our business. We partnered with Checkpoint to improve the quality of our footfall reports so that we can better understand why people are buying our merchandise. We have achieved excellent results in the UK, with the integrated solution enabling us to reduce shrinkage, while providing accurate real-time traffic data across our estate. It represents a strong return on investment for our business.”

Mariano Tudela president Europe Checkpoint Systems, added: “We’re proud to be working with Holland & Barrett to roll-out this EAS 2.0 programme across a number of countries. This next generation of solutions provides powerful data analytics, enhancing both loss prevention and merchandising capabilities. The benefits will be seen for many years to come.”