Holland’s Pies pays homage to 1966 with 66p potato and meat football pie


To celebrate this summer’s international football tournament, Holland’s Pies, one of the UK’s best-known producers of pies and pastries, is kicking off with a patriotic price for its pies. Holland’s Pies will be priced at just 66p throughout the tournament; paying homage to 1966, the year when England were crowned world champions.

Selected retailers and chippies, across the North West, will be offering the special priced pies for pie lovers to enjoy whilst cheering on ‘our boys’ in Brazil.

David Girdler, spokesperson for Holland’s Pies, said: “By offering Holland’s Pies at just 66p, we wanted to remind our football-loving pie fans of England’s glory days! Many will be watching the matches, here in the UK, so we wanted to give our fans a patriotic reminder with pies!”

66p chilled Holland’s Pies available in selected retailers now until 22 June and limited edition 66p BIG EAT Potato & Meat football pies available in selected chip shops now until 24 June  – for a full list of participating chip shops visit www.hollandspies.co.uk/blog. For further information on the Holland’s Pie range please visit http://www.hollandspies.co.uk.