HubBox implements new click & collect software for Salesforce


HubBox has built an upgraded Click & Collect cartridge that will allow Salesforce retailers to integrate quickly and present significant advantages when it comes to improv- ing delivery proposition.

To add to their growing list of platform compatibilities, HubBox recently developed a new Click & Collect cartridge for the Salesforce platform, specifically with the Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA). This new cartridge will enable retailers on the platform to rapidly implement Click & Collect delivery options to their site, resulting in improved conversion rates and increased basket values. Current retailers on the Salesforce platform using HubBox include Whistles, Jack Wills, and Ware- house.

Salesforce retailers can integrate this software into their checkout process to offer their customers instant access to more than 4,000 Collect Points across the United Kingdom through a HubBox portal, in addition to in-store collection.

HubBox is fully compatible across all platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento and strives to make its services available across all ecommerce platforms by providing code samples and support for custom platforms.

While Click & Collect is an ideal solution in theory, numerous technical challenges have restricted im- plementation rates up until now. However, HubBox’s software team has developed a powerful product that allows retailers to implement with little time and much ease that cannot be matched.

“The integration process means that HubBox has a significantly shorter timeframe to becoming readily available for customer use,” said Sam Jarvis, founder and CEO of HubBox. “Whereas alternative software programs can take upwards of six months to integrate, HubBox is able to speed up the aver- age transition period to measure in a matter of days. We are excited to make this next step forward to ensure the instant accessibility that consumers demand.”