Hudl enables Tesco to engage with customers away from supermarket shelves, development partner reveals


Tesco’s Hudl tablet has been designed to enable the supermarket to engage with its customers well away from the supermarket shelves, the retailer’s development partner has revealed.

Open Reply, the Reply company that specialises in the delivery of creative and technologically innovative mobile brand and commerce solutions, said it has been working as a key development partner in the creation of Hudl, Tesco’s  7in HD tablet.

Hudl was developed by Tesco for its 20m plus customers, to provide a more cost-effective, yet high quality tablet device to boost Tesco’s digital services, ultimately creating a single destination for its entire digital services offer. Hudl, designed firmly with families in mind, will help to secure Tesco’s position in the digital space, Open Reply claims.

Open Reply said its expertise in Android means the Tesco Hudl experience has been embedded and integrated with the Android operating system and the device itself. This means the device has the capability to support not only the powerful Android features, but also Tesco’s branding and services.

Open Reply said it was able to modify the classic Android navigation bar to incorporate a Tesco specific launcher button that provides one touch access to all the Tesco online services. This was a focal point of Tesco’s customer experience strategy for the device enabling Tesco to engage with their customers well away from the supermarket shelves.

Hudl has already proved to be a popular tablet on the market. The Tesco specific button that launches Tesco’s services enriches the already powerful features within the tablet, Open Reply claims this functionality is crucial for Tesco to compete with key digital players.

Open Reply also worked on several of the Tesco apps that enrich the user experience and which are delivered with the device.

The ‘Getting Started’ App is important in guiding the varied customer base of novices to those au fait with Android smartphones and tablets through Hudl. The app is a showcase for the most advanced Android UX patterns, combining the ability to navigate through a wealth of content with short and easy to assimilate concept cards, while using gamification to show user progress.

Open Reply also worked with Tesco to develop the numerous apps that would introduce the device and its features to the user, ensuring they were user-friendly and visually appealing to create a comfortable environment for even the most novice user.

The development team also created widgets to ‘push’ access to other elements of the Hudl proposition – for example, a Clubcard widget to give Clubcard owners access to their points; and a Tesco Direct widget to introduce the on-line store.

To complete the solution, Open Reply also created the ‘Over The Air’ update distribution system. This enables operating system updates to be distributed to the device, as new versions become available, enabling Tesco to continue to evolve and innovate the Android OS/Tesco experience keeping customers up to date with the latest android technology.