Iceland announces new partnership with UK’s only mummy vlogger network


ICELAND has become the first major UK retailer to launch a vlogging campaign using real mums. In an innovative deal planned and brokered by independent media agency the7stars, the frozen food giant has teamed up with the UK’s only mummy vlogging network, Channel Mum, for the partnership which launched on 20 May 2016.

The move is a major departure for the store that previously focused on celebrity endorsements. Instead, the new activity features upcoming young mum YouTube stars such as Ursula Brunetti, Jess Atherton, Rebecca Meldrum, Bella Matten and Leanne Coulbeck.

The campaign will challenge perceptions around frozen food by highlighting the store’s healthy – but affordable – offerings. The store’s recent overhaul has led to a feast of new products including quinoa, lentils, a Mediterranean Vegetable Medley and Salmon Parcels in Cheese and Dill sauce.

It is also the first from a UK high street store to harness the phenomenon of mum-to-mum horizontal marketing – dubbed ‘recomumdation’ by marketing experts.

Recent research reveals the overall most trusted information source for mums is other mothers, with 63 per cent believing information passed on by their peer group over any other source. And online video is seen the most trusted media type for millennial mums, with 35% trusting it above any other. Combining the two gives a powerful authentic and trust-based format, which forward-thinking advertisers are increasingly attempting to capture.

In the first video, to be released on and the network’s YouTube channel, popular YouTube star Mrs Meldrum demonstrates how she cooks a gourmet Iceland salmon fillet meal for her whole family in less than 11 minutes – and challenges viewers to rethink their views on frozen food.

Early indications show approval ratings for the store among mums jumped from 10% to 80% after viewing the video.

The campaign will also amplify the high street favourite’s existing ‘#PowerofFrozen’ activity by asking mums to share their own favourite frozen food meals and food hacks each week on #FrozenFriday, to coincide with the release of a new weekly video.

Commenting on the partnership, former Netmums owner and founder of Channel Mum, Siobhan Freegard OBE, said: “Recomumdation is among the most powerful tools available to brands today – and that’s why Iceland want to spread its Power of Frozen message with the help of Channel Mum. Research states a video is worth 1.8 million words and this campaign shows how powerful trusted influencers can be in changing perceptions.

“Mum vloggers don’t just ‘show’ like conventional advertising, they recommend, demonstrate and bring you into their family, so consumers feel that warmth and know their getting a truthful assessment, not just marketing spin. They are trusted above words as viewers can see them and know they are authentic.

“Iceland and millennial mums are also a perfect match. The store offers everything they want – food that is quick, convenient and great value but healthy and nutritious too. We decided to work with Iceland as so many of our mum vloggers were already recommending the store, so it’s a natural extension to the Channel Mum Vlogging community.”

Nick Canning, joint managing drector of Iceland, said: “Channel Mum, their vloggers and the refreshing honesty they bring to all their opinions provide a perfect partner for us to change the way people think about frozen food. We can’t wait to see what happens!”

Sue Clarke, head of digital at the7stars, said: “Iceland is continuing its Power of Frozen journey, to get customers to consider and reappraise its offering.

“Channel Mum represents a unique opportunity to talk to real millennial mums on a one to one basis through the use of authentic video content. We are really excited about the partnership and it fulfilling the long term ambition of Iceland and how it wants to be positioned.”