IKEA Centres Russia reveals phase one of major food court investment

MEGA Teply Stan food court

MEGA Teply Stan food court

IKEA Centres Russia, the largest shopping centre operator in Russia and part of the IKEA Group, is presenting the result of phase one of its €30m food-court upgrade programme at two of its largest MEGA shopping centres.

IKEA Centres Russia will open its new food court projects at MEGA Teply Stan and MEGA Khimki in December 2015.

At MEGA Teply Stan all restaurant units within the mall’s food court have been replaced or upgraded to create a new, larger leisure dining experience with more choice for customers. The food court is divided into different zones such as family, youngsters and urban. Restaurant space is divided into separate segments for fast food, and longer dwell time ‘destination’ dining concepts. A new unique design creates a central piazza within the food court, which will be the mall’s main meeting and relaxation point.

Similar upgrade works will also shortly be completed at MEGA Khimki, with the addition of a new fresh food market. New fresh concept ‘MEGA FERMA LavkaLavka’ will take 750sq m (8,000sq ft) in the heart of MEGA Khimki and will allow local farmers to sell fresh products directly to customers. The changes to MEGA Khimki will see its lettable area grow by 15%, reaching some 212,000sq m (2.3 mln sq ft).

IKEA Centres Russia’s new food and beverage project is part of its global shopping centres upgrade programme by the MEGA centres team. Investment in MEGA Teply Stan and MEGA Khimki new food and beverage concept is over €15m each. As a result, MEGA centres food court areas are almost doubled in size, creating opportunities for both existing and potential restaurant tenants.

IKEA Centres Russia is taking the MEGA shopping centres portfolio beyond a pure shopping centre experience, making it a venue of choice for their customers to relax and eat out too. The new concept will transform food and beverage areas into focal points, bringing them to the very heart of each MEGA mall – creating a place for meetings and leisure for everyone.

Armin Michaely, general director of IKEA Centres Russia, said: “IKEA Centres Russia is a real game changer in the Russian market. We were the first to introduce a full-size food court, and we are now celebrating the first stage of this new project to reinvent our food courts and take them to a new level. We are so pleased to bring a huge number of these exciting food and beverage concepts to our centres”.

All new food court areas have a friendly and collaborative Scandinavian design. Sustainable, innovative lighting and lounge areas will be an integral part of the refurbishment concept. In addition, the food court space will adapt to create different atmosphere for day and evening activities.

As part of this investment, IKEA Centres Russia has been working with international experts in the food, beverage and design sectors.

Jonathan Doughty, founder and general director of Coverpoint Consultancy part of the JLL Group, said: “It’s important to acknowledge and address the growing trend of e-commerce, and find a ‘gravity factor’, which will drive customer visits. You can’t dine online, so food has taken on a social role; creating dining destinations to meet with family and friends. That’s why it’s essential to create a unique offer where food is not ‘just food’, but a true gastronomic journey for everyone.”